Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

27 Nov

When I got the invite to have dinner at Houston’s hottest new restaurant this weekend, I knew I was in for a treat. The guys behind Liberty Kitchen, BRC and Petite Sweets have opened yet another awesome establishment, Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette (LKRO).  LKRO has been serving enthusiastic customers for only five weeks and is already experiencing considerable success. I had high expectations for the restaurant when I drove up on Sunday night, and they were quickly exceeded when I stepped inside. LKRO is the charming, cool and classy new kid on the block. I am thrilled to share my experience with you!

IMG_2301The entryway at Liberty Kitchen & OysteretteIMG_2304Full-service bar to enjoy while you wait

LKRO is a more upscale version of our neighborhood favorite, Liberty Kitchen, serving guests similar dishes with an emphasis on the oyster bar and seafood selections.  In fact, guests can sit at the bar and watch oyster shuckers prepare seafood dishes before their eyes as they wine and dine. The oyster bar serves as a beautiful centerpiece for the restaurant.

IMG_2266The Oyster BarIMG_2264Guests socialize as their meals are prepared behind the Oyster Bar

{The ceiling is made of yardsticks noting fun oyster facts.}

My night started with a full tour of the restaurant. The architecture inside LKRO is spectacular – East Coast Industrial to be precise. From the intricate designs and stunning light fixtures, to the funky private dining room and hints of local flare, the atmosphere is endearing and creates an elegant setting for our new favorite restaurant.

IMG_2276Original Houston themed wallpaper at Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

IMG_2300The Private Dining Room is perfect for special events

{The walls and floors of the restaurant are made from reclaimed wood.}

We started our dinner with a few incredible cocktails. One of my friends ordered the Fitzgerald and I highly recommend it to the tequila-lovers out there. My yummy Dunlavy cocktail contained Hendrick’s gin, fresh basil, dry vermouth and St. Germain. My drink really hit the spot as I navigated through the extensive menu. Our server gave us a few suggestions and we agreed to start with a dozen oysters. LKRO offers oysters on the half shell from various regions. Specify what you like and let the experts do the rest. Our Belon oysters were fantastic!

IMG_2282The Fitzgerald: Suaza Tequila, Grand Marnier, fresh lime and orange juices, agave nectar and tamarind/salted rimIMG_2287Belon Oysters on the Half Shell

The oyster mania didn’t stop there. We got two orders of the Crazy Grilled & Fried Oysters next — one tequila style and one with pork belly. The latter was arguably the best thing we ate: grilled and fried oysters with pork belly, bacon and apple cider vinaigrette. All magically served on a half shell. Are you salivating yet?

IMG_2291Tequila and Pork Belly Grilled & Fried OystersIMG_2278Light fixtures imported from Paris, France

Based on our server’s recommendations we decided to get several entrees to split. Our table was quickly filled with five handsome dishes. The first dish was the Sea Scallop and Pork Belly Kebabs. The pork belly was tender and the accompanying warm fingerling potato and mustard salad was out of this world. Another entrée was the Port O’Connor Redfish on the Half Shell. The lemony fish was pan seared and served with champagne butter and classic french fries. We devoured this one rather quickly.

IMG_2311Sea Scallop & Pork Belly Kebabs

Our server insisted we order The Dixie Fried Chicken Supper, LKRO’s Sunday special.  Each of us took one bite of the fried chicken and sailed straight on to heaven. The batter is sweet and has a subtle spiced flavor to complement the season. I recommend you visit LKRO on a Sunday to try this special as soon as you can!

IMG_2306Dixie Fried Chicken Supper with garlic mashed potatoes

The other two dishes were the Angus Prime Rib and the Pork Belly & Pimento Mac & Cheese. The Prime Rib was carved and served tableside. The steak was juicy and cooked to perfection. Splitting our dinner proved to be a great way to try some of the restaurant’s top dishes.

IMG_2315Prime Rib Cart

IMG_2308Pork Belly & Pimento Cheese Mac & Cheese

{Did you think we were finished ordering pork belly? Not so fast!}

I brought along a wine expert who ordered a sparkling wine for the table. The wine prices impressed him because they were right on point. My glass of bubbly enhanced the flavor of the fried chicken perfectly.

IMG_2332Chandon étoile Rosé

We refused to leave LKRO without dessert. We ordered a Petite Sweets Carrot Cake and the famous Raspberry-Chocolate Bread Pudding. Atop the most divine puddle of thick caramel sauce, the warm and rich bread pudding stole the show. That bread pudding has been in my dreams ever since.

IMG_2346Petite Sweets Carrot Cake and Dessert WineIMG_2348Raspberry-Chocolate Bread Pudding

We are thankful for a truly amazing evening at LKRO. The service was wonderful and the food is the best I have had in a long time. Our experience confirmed my love and support for LKRO and its restaurant family. Get over to San Felipe and see what the LKRO hype is all about!

To find out more on Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette, visit their website here! Give their sister restaurants some love as well! Read my reviews of BRC and Liberty Kitchen. Also, you can visit their websites at the following links: BRC, Liberty Kitchen and Petite Sweets.

Some of my dinner guests love the restaurant scene too! Read about The Club for Eating and Drinking and explore Houston restaurants with them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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