3 Apr

Coltivare has taken the Heights by storm. I was eager to find out if Coltivare lived up to all the hype and finally snagged a table to try it for myself. Coltivare is a greatly anticipated addition to the White Oak district, brought to us by the guys behind Revival Market down the road. The restaurant serves fresh, locally sourced Italian fare and takes pride in its garden out back where herbs and vegetables are grown for the kitchen. However, I must say the exclusiveness alone made Coltivare a major driving factor in its first few weeks. Upon the restaurant’s opening, Houston foodies showed their dedication by waiting as long as 3 hours for a table! Early wait times were a result of the restaurant’s BYOB policy and a common rationale to linger after dinner.  The restaurant has since obtained its liquor license, leading to shorter wait times and an impressive cocktail menu.

01-2014-03-06 09.27.2702-2014-03-06 09.27.42Coltivare Libations Menu

The restaurant is just over two months old and has already generated an immense amount of business. Coltivare offers a truly authentic experience. The restaurant is quaint and lively. The dark environment makes Coltivare one of the more rich and romantic atmospheres I’ve seen in Houston. Coltivare is perfect for dates and small group gatherings.

04-2014-03-06 09.33.15The Kitchen at Coltivare

We started our meal with several appetizers. I suggest the butternut squash and Brussels sprout salad. This cold summer salad was crisp, light and flavorful. I also recommend the salty cotechino sausage, sourced from sister restaurant Revival Market, and the famous cauliflower.

08-2014-03-06 09.45.31Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprout Salad11-2014-03-06 10.06.23Cotechino Sausage with lentils and butternut squash purée

Next we ordered three entrees to share. You must try the red snapper. The entire fish is served on top of fresh greens and prepared perfectly for the adventurous seafood lovers out there. The fish is wood-roasted, creating a smokey hint to the succulent fish inside. This unique method of cooking gives the fish a rustic taste, complementing the feel of the restaurant quite well.

12-2014-03-06 10.24.40Red Snapper14-2014-03-06 10.25.34Steak sliced fajita-style and Brussels sprouts

Finally, my personal favorite, the pizza! There is a lot that goes into a Coltivare pizza, including three days of dough fermentation, meat from Revival Market and garden-fresh vegetables. We ordered the classic pepperoni pizza and loved every single bite. I can say with confidence this is some of the best crust I’ve ever tasted. And do not fret, Coltivare will take phone orders and box up one of their pies to-go. Hallelujah!

13-2014-03-06 10.25.23Pepperoni Pizza

When you and your friends are deciding where to eat this weekend, escape to the enchanted Heights neighborhood and visit Coltivare. Suggest this hot spot and impress your friends. The food will do the work for you. Enjoy!

To find out more about Coltivare, visit their website here! Also read more about the Heights’ best market, Revival Market.

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